Anandachandrikai invites Entrepreneurs and Businesses to advertise in our magazine.

We publish the digital version of Anandachandrikai twice in a month:

  1. We deliver the magazine by email (2000+ emails)
  2. We publish the magazine in Facebook groups (2000+ members)
  3. We publish the magazine in WhatsApp group (300+ members)
  4. We work with Tamil Sangams and Tamil Mandrams in distributing the magazine


  1. Flexibility of changing the advertisement content every 15 days
  2. Beautiful digital images and videos can be incorporated
  3. Hyperlinks from your advertisements can take the customer to your web site or to the web shop directly
  4. Increased traffic to your store by issuing discount coupons and offers directly
  5. Easy to incorporate, efficient to develop campaigns and powerful in execution
  6. Event based marketing helps in reaching your customer on special occasions
  7. The reach of the digital advertisements visible and positively impact your business

The Tariff details for advertising in Digital Magazine is given below.

1 Issue 6 Issues
$50.00 $250.00
12 Issues 18 Issues
$500.00  $750.00
23 Issues Annual Issue
$1000.00 $250-$1000
Contact by email

The Annual issue on print:

The Annual Magazine will be published every year on April 15th. This combines the celebration of Tamil New Year, birthday of Anandachandrikai and annual day of our free online Tamil school We collect articles from Tamil scholars from India. This annual issue will be printed in addition to the digital version. The tariff for our advertising in the Annual Magazine will be determined during the first week of January.

For details on the Tariff for advertising in our annual printed magazine, please contact us by email at